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Posted by morterra - August 14th, 2020

Hey guys! I've just published the latest changes to Morterra, here's what's new:

- Fixed the camera rotate bug (If you experience any lag with the camera, you can also disable hover text in settings)

- Fixed player hit boxes

- Added mouse sensitivity setting

- Added jewelry - gems are a very rare drop and jewelry can be crafted on alchemy tables

- Gold necklaces stop level decay (player won't get hungry/thirsty)

- Ruby necklaces make food add to health and health regenerates faster

- Diamond necklaces make weapons/tools/armor not decay when used

- Emerald necklaces basically give you a second roll at the mining drop table if you get an aluminum/iron drop (2x rare drop rate)

- Crowns can be crafted and have the perks of all of the jewelry combined (in the future it will have more meaning: show on map, taxes, high score for time equipped, etc.)

- Crossbows

- Bows received a buff

- Pickaxe raiding has received a small nerf

- Weapon attack radius has been improved drastically

- Weapon strength now accurately reflects the damage dealt on a naked opponent

- Flags now take 7 days to start decaying

- Flint & steel item has been added for multiple firemakes

- Hit markers now float independently of player models

- A red screen hit indicator now exists in the UI to signal when you've been hurt (in the future we will add directional hit indicators)

- Death screen now shows who you were killed by

- Added a public dev server for players to test out PvP and future updates. Chests spawn throughout with various valuable loot.

First player to craft and wield a crown (with proof: send a screenshot to the discord), will have their account be the first account listed on our future Hall of Fame page. This will be a page that is filled with various accolades that we choose. Eventually the game will consist of "seasons" where an individual or clan will win and be added as the winner of that season.


Good luck!

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Posted by morterra - June 21st, 2020


Hey guys, we just launched the update with the new player model! This new model looks cleaner, and is MUCH more optimal (roughly half the amount of drawn faces). It is also built in such a way that allows us to add more content moving forward, such as crossbows, jewelry, etc. We will also be adding genders, races, hair styles/color options in the near future!

We also fixed a bug that was breaking pointer lock for some users, we fixed and are working on some major bugs in Firefox (please use Chrome regardless ), and we made quite a bit of small optimizations, so you should notice a slight improvement in overall FPS.

In the near future, we will be optimizing the game drastically. Our goal is to be able to sit at 60 FPS on just a standard laptop (without an advanced GPU), and then eventually add controls so that you can play on mobile.

Our next goal aside from optimization is improved PVP. We want to make PVP more dynamic and skill based. We will be buffing bows, adding crossbows, sneaking, jewelry, bandages, and even blocking with shields to absorb damage.

It's hard to say when these updates will be out, but we will be working hard on them every day. But, now that the new player model is out of the way, the hardest part is done, so it should be much more frequent updates moving forward!

Please let us know any feedback you have!




Here is a screenshot of our recently added player model for the browser survival game: Morterra - 3D Browser Survival Game

It's a clean low-poly style! Let us know what you think!


Posted by morterra - April 20th, 2020

The latest Morterra update is live!


Here's what's new:

- Raiding Revamp:

- Explosives improved (dynamite: 1000dmg & small blast radius, bombs: 500dmg & large blast radius)

- Tools improved: Damage based on metal type & swings much slower. Tool raiding is now the extra long but cheaper version to raid.

- Spikes (walls) now have twice the durability

- Chests now have half durability

- Flags now have only 25 durability (placing a locked flag in the open is no longer viable)

- Flags now have to be "reset" every 72 hours before your base will decay

- Improved object coloring & lighting

- Completely new oak & maple tree models

- Players no longer collide with small objects (small boulders, bushes, corn, etc.)

- Flag destruction bug fixed

- Many other small bugs fixed